Presentation of our association

"Vapeurs de Thé sur une Tasse Chinoise" ("Vapours of Tea on a Chinese Cup") is a French association created in 1998 in Paris by a few tea lovers, enchanted by green, white, yellow, Wu Long (Oolong), black (post-fermented) and red teas. Our objective is to help to improve our knowledge of Chinese teas.

We meet twice a month. We are organizing two kinds of meetings:

1) commented tasting, we present one tea (for example Long Jin) or a tea family (red teas – hong cha) or tea preparation (water and tea), there is a didactical part : story and geographic about the tea, its fabrication and preparation, then the tasting is taking place, usually we conduct a blind comparative tasting in the spirit of oenological training (for example different grades of the same tea, or a spring and an autumn picking of the same tea) to stimulate our members’ papilles and tea knowledge.

2)  Our activities include more informal meetings to share the pleasure of discovering exceptional Chinese teas, or the best growths of seasonal harvests. We enjoy sometime according to Gong Fu Cha, Chinese art of tea. We meet also as actuality dictates to visit exhibition or participates to events in relation with our love of tea.